Law Office Valge & Uiga - Services

I Public law:

  • preparation of complaints, applications and responses in administrative proceeding;

  • representation of clients before state and local government institutions and courts.

II Civil law:

  • consultations, preparation of statements of claim, responses, counterclaims and other procedural documents;

  • representation in court actions in all court instances;

  • representation in contractual and non-contractual negotiations;

  • consultation and representation in the fields of right of succession, family law, real right and law of obligations;

  • preparation of contracts and other legal documents.

       Labour law:

  • preparation of contracts of employment, collective agreement drafts, job descriptions, internal work procedure rules, etc.;

  • consultation of employers and employees in the settlement of work-related issues;

  • representation before extrajudicial bodies (labour dispute committees and labour inspectorates) and court instances.

       Business law:

  • consultation in the settlement of issues related to everyday economic activities;

  • help in the performance of legal operations, etc.;

  • representation of business associations in courts and extrajudicially.

III Criminal law:

  • consultation, preparation of petitions and applications;

  • defence during preliminary investigation and in court instances in criminal and misdemeanour proceedings.

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