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Law Office Valge & Uiga - Services

I Public law:


  • Representation of clients in state and local government agencies and courts.

  • Preparation of complaints, applications, answers in administrative proceedings.


II Civil law:


Advising and representing in all necessary authorities and courts


In the field of family law

  • divorce, division of property, rights of custody, custody, etc.


In the fields of property law and law of obligations

  • representation in contractual and non-contractual negotiations;

  • contracts, etc. drafting of legal documents


In the field of succession law

  • counseling, representation in succession disputes


In the field of labor law

  • drafting employment contracts, draft collective agreements, job descriptions, internal rules of procedure, etc .;

  • advising employees and employers on resolving work-related problems;

  • representation of both employees and employers in extrajudicial bodies in labor dispute committees as well as in labor inspectorates and court instances.


In the field of business law

  • advice in solving problems related to daily economic activities;

  • assistance in performing legal acts, etc .;

  • representation of companies in court and out of court.


III Criminal law:


  • Defense in pre-trial and trial proceedings in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings.

  • Advising clients, preparing applications and requests in both criminal and misdemeanor proceedings.

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